Citadel Institute

A Non Profit Entity

Home Away From Home

When the unpredictable chaos of life leaves you asking yourself "what next?" consider coming to the Citadel Institute for safety, community, and freedom. 
Make Your Own
The Citadel Institute is a home away from home. Each of the spaces have separate amenities to make your own. 
Fit For You
We all have different needs. From your own room to your own campsite, we have a place for you that fits your individual needs and budgets. 
Live How You Want
At The Citadel Institute, we don't believe in fighting each other over arbitrary matters, but rather discuss and collaborate respectfully with one another. Believe what you believe here.
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We seek to use technology in every aspect of life that is possible including medicine, security & commerce.   
The community must be able to , when called upon, to produce 100% of its own food. Our research shows this is achievable and necessary to maintain privacy.  
We have a decentralized plan of governance that ensures no one person or group including the organization itself can compel individuals against their will in day to day activities.  
We are not open to the public. We want contributing members who believe in our mission.  
Mission Statement 
We seek to operate a transparent & secure community where members can maintain their anonymity from the public. A perfect citadel is a place one can trade, work  & live in peace among others who share similar goals.  
Why The Citadel Institute? 
See For Yourself 
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The Citadel Institute Is The Safest, Yet Most Powerful Way To Live

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